Problem-solver & software engineer
Making Singapore a better place at Open Government Products. Getting seniors up to speed with technology at Xiohoo.
gmail: jeantanzj
FormSG - Open Government Products
Form builder for the government
AngularJS | Express | Mongo
Elastic Beanstalk | Travis CI - Open Government Products
URL shortener for the government
React | Express | RDS - Postgres
Elastic Beanstalk | Travis CI
Digital MC - Open Government Products
Soft copy medical certificates
Isomer | Hapi | Twilio
Elastic Beanstalk | Travis CI | GovTech Stack
JARVIS - Open Government Products
Internal tool for Singapore Police Force to screen persons of interest
Vue | Express | ElasticSearch
GovTech Stack
BP Singapore
Inhouse tool to capture traders' deal information
C# | R
On the side.
Helping seniors to learn continuously
Winner of raiSE LeapForGood 2018
Keeping up with technology can be difficult. In Singapore, many seniors attend workshops to learn to use their smartphones for cashless payments, online shopping, and the like. A common complaint from seniors is that they forget what they've learnt after the class, and have no one to turn to for help. At Xiohoo, we not only provide the workshops, but also follow-up practice clinics, and eventually, a peer to peer support network.
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore - Engineering Good
Uneven verbal ability amongst students in a class at CPAS makes it difficult for teachers to assess the understanding of the taught content. To provide a level playing field during quiz-time, my team conceived of hacked bluetooth mice connected to the students' choice of a trigger mechanism (different tactile mechanisms activated by hands, by their head etc). Their answers are sent to the teacher's laptop and collated.
Navigational wearable for the visually impaired
Third-place winner of SUTD Capstone Projects 2015
As part of the capstone, my team developed a wearable which would indicate the presence of obstacles, and the correctness of direction that the user was facing, through vibrations on the toes of the user.
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